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"Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery.........."

Whether you are an artist wishing to produce limited editions prints from your originals or just want to enlarge and convert a cherished photograph onto canvas or paper, we offer a comprehensive, in-house digital printing service. The required image for transfer can be sent to us via e-mail, or brought in on disc or memory stick. If you prefer you can bring in the original and we will scan or produce a photographic digital file. This digital file will then be colour matched to the original and made ready for printing. Damaged photographs can be restored subject to the extent of the damage.

The image will be printed as a Giclee print onto canvas or paper. We are often asked what the term Giclee means. Giclee is French meaning to "spray", and that is exactly what the process does, spraying the inks across the surface of the media producing a continuous tonal range rather than the mechanical dot matrix photo litho method used to produce cheap prints or posters. All fine art limited editions are produced using this method.

All inks used are pigmented resulting in a light fast image that is guaranteed for up 100 years. Printing is carried out at 1400dpi producing stunning results.

Canvases are hand varnished in either gloss or matt, and can even be hand embellished to create textures and highlights.